CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010

So many camps! CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010 — /via @NicolasRoberge

CloudCamp is an unconference where attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies. As an informal, member-supported gathering, we rely entirely on volunteers to help with meeting content, speakers, meeting locations, equipment and membership recruitment. We also have corporate sponsors that provide financial assistance with venues, food, drink, software, services and other valuable donations

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Not sure I will be there, but I’m happy this is happening in Montréal.

There should be a Montreal specific badge for Poutine methinks…

There should be a Montreal specific badge for Poutine on Foursquare methinks… (posted from @ La Banquise) – badges API calls is what we really want, you know, to grow Foursquare as a game platform, it would open worlds of possibility (and realize the potential I tought Akoha would have, maybe they will get there someday). Just sayin, since they are asking for comments on V2.

People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)

Here are my slides (with notes) from Ignite Where in San Jose last night.

I must say it was an awesome experience. I give many presentations, but this one, in this format, in front of this crowd, was quite something.

And I got to be quoted by Tim Oreilly on Twitter:

“Places are social containers” Good line from @afrognthevalley at #where20 #ignite last night.


Location Isn’t A War Between Two Sides, It’s A Gold Rush For Everyone

Great snippet from Joe Stump of SimpleGeo:

You need to move past the mindset that location is the feature. Build products under the assumption that you have a user’s location and that you can use the social plumbing we’ve been building for the last nine years. What kind of interesting experiences can you build on top of the potent mixture of friends, location, and the real world?

I am really looking forward WhereCamp SF 2010 to discuss emerging Geo standards with Joe. We need standard representations of places and activities, I’m planning on a session on Places in Activity Streams somewhere Saturday…
[Via Location Isn’t A War Between Two Sides, It’s A Gold Rush For Everyone]