Will 2010 be the year of Social Commerce?

Will 2010 be the year of Social Commerce? /chaneling @brunoboutot

Well, social commerce has had some false dawns; Steve Rubel tipped 2006 to be the year of social commerce, Jay Deragon thought it would be in 2008. Forrester believe we’re a little ahead of ourselves and is predicting that 2011 will be the year of social commerce. Others, such as Simeon Simeonov, predict that the future of e-commerce will be social, but (perhaps sagely) do not tie themselves down to a date. But we think the time for social commerce is now, so we’re predicting 2010 will be the year of social commerce.

Why 2010? Three Reasons (…)

I think it’s the right time, we are now past the paradigm shift and into the mainstream (but it will take 5-10 years to pan out completely, but it really starts in 2010, for sure). Keep an eye on SHWOWP as a case in point…

Google Twitterizes its Merchant Profile Pages

RT @sebprovencher: Google “Twitterizes” its Merchant Profile Pages

If I was in Facebook’s or Twitter’s shoes, I would move quickly and enter the structured local business listings world by offering pre-populated fan pages (for Facebook) and merchant profiles (for Twitter). This would simplify the entry for SMEs and basically enable a “claim your profile” function on those two social networks. It also would simplify the mass structuring of real-time content (which is very valuable).

The intersection of structured and unstructured data is the great frontier of local…

Geopocketing- There is more to geo + social than what you can see right now

This got me thinking: if I could “pocket” my data, restrict certain tweets to certain geographies on the OUTBOUND side of Twitter, then that’d be neat. I mean, most smartphone apps of Twitter have my location. What if they could say to the API, “Only send this to people within 25 miles of this location?”

This is a good example of what I mean when I say that foursquare is just the tipping point of geo+social services.

Via Chris Brogan – Geopocketing- When Twitter Gets Cool Again

When Twitter Becomes Clearing House For Business Data…

When Twitter Becomes Clearing House For Business Data “this will create a dramatic shift” http://j.mp/twitter-yp

GeoAPI will integrate directly into the Twitter API, which plays into Twitter’s plans, reported in mid-2009, to integrate geo-based location into its service. (…) It’s a big deal because most business data from online listings come from limited resources, he says. This acquisition creates an “open Yellow Pages,” he tells me, explaining it lets startups create an application that gives them instant access to business data. The distributed nature of Twitter starts to apply to the structured world of online Yellow Pages. (…)

Shotland tells me the integration will create a dramatic shift in the way people search for local information. Twitter could become the clearinghouse for business data simply by having the ability to process, update and distribute the information in a way that anyone can use it. If that happens, you suddenly have an explosion of relevant, local information that any business can take and integrate on a Web site. And if that data matches up with tweets, it makes it all the better. (…) If Twitter became the source of “truth” for business records, it would become “hugely disruptive to the local search industry,” Shotland says. The emergence of an open source yellow pages for local business is one of the 11 predictions on his blog for 2010.

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