Petit résumé 2010 et prospective 2011 pour le comité internet de l’Alliance Numérique

On me posait la question ailleurs (dans un réseau fermé), je réponds ici pour la postérité (et l’ouverture):

Qu’elles sont les défis/thèmes/projets de l’an dernier et ceux déjà en branle pour 2011 au sein du comité?

J’avais écrit un résumé de fin 2009 et objectifs 2010 et ça me fais penser qu’il faudrait bien que j’écrive la version fin 2010 objectifs 2011!

En résumé: Nouvelle présidente (yé!), focus soirées/journées internet et … pour continuer d’étendre nos antennes dans les industries et secteurs divers, continuer de pousser les bonnes pratiques web, mieux écouter, supporter et représenter l’industrie internet/web, un gros évènement Web-in en novembre (ça c’est le dossier que je me suis gardé cette année)…

Aussi refonte du site web, blogues pour toutes les alliances et activitées avec les autres alliances pour promouvoir la “synergie de la convergence” (sur un ton mi-sérieux, mi-ironique).

Je vous invite à commenter, compléter et rêver aussi un peu, qu’est-ce qu’on se souhaite en 2011? Et qu’est-ce qu’on va livrer?

La discussion se fait sur la liste (ouverte avec abonnement) de l’Alliance Internet.

Great WordPress Company in Montréal?

I got this question by email from a friend, asking me to recommend a good company (in Montréal or around) to help them build their new website based on WordPress 3.

I used to be able to answer that question, maybe 18-24 months ago, organizing WordCamp Montréal 2009 sure helped, but now I’m feeling a bit disconnected from the local WP network…

What would be your recommendation? It’s ok to pitch your own company (1-2 lines) but others vouching for you is much better.


Minimum Viable Vision – the startup checklist I’ve been waiting for

Fantastic post on Year One Labs blog about Minimum Viable Vision. It captures something I have been trying to define for a few months now. How can you measure your interner startup idea’s potential? And they dive in the details. Here’s the outline:

  1. You’re building a platform
  2. You have recurring ways to make money
  3. You’ve got tiered pricing
  4. You’re tied to a disruptive change
  5. Adopters automatically become advocates
  6. You can create a bidding war
  7. You’re riding an environmental change
  8. You’ve got a sustainable unfair advantage
  9. Your marginal costs tend to zero
  10. There are inherent network effects in the model
  11. You have several ways you can monetize it
  12. You make money when your customers make money
  13. An ecosystem will form around you

I’m sending this one to everyone I advise… and the next step once you review this list? What’s your score?

If you are under 8/13 you have some homework to do. Around 10/30 is incredible. You nail all 13? Liar! 😉

To give you some perspective, after 3 years of working on Praized (now focused on Needium), I think we are probably at 10/13 on that list. Twitter and Facebook are probably at 11 or 12. I might add that going from 7 to 13 is most likely exponential, meaning that going from 8 to 9 is twice as hard as going from 7 to 8, and so on.

Go read the full post, worth all the minutes you will invest in it, plus all the time spent afterward to step up your game with that check list.

Notman House project is moving forward!

Future home of Montreal tech scene unveiled – TechnoCité

“There have been a few events and ad hoc gatherings with groups of tech entrepreneurs,” said Philippe Telio, the president of Embrase, and one of the organizers of several tech events such as Startup Camp Montreal.

“The idea is to bring these groups into a central location, and create a sort of clubhouse for tech entrepreneurs to get together and create, collaborate and stimulate innovative ideas.”

The group made an offer to purchase the property that was accepted by the Société en Commandite Milton, which owns the building. Included in the sale is the attached St. Margaret’s home, a three-story building that served as a hospital and then a seniors’ residence.

I am on the Notman House committee, we have had a few meetings in the last few weeks to brings this project into high gears, it’s a lot of efforts but it’s totally worth it. This is one of my big project for 2010-2011 (as if Praized didn’t keep me busy enough).

If you have any questions about the project, ask them here.

I can’t promise I will be able to answer all of them, but I will either find who knows the answer or work on answering it if we don’t know yet.

This is a total work in progress and I like that!

We need a plan B

As read on Alex Russell’s Infrequently Noted:

The single most frustrating thing for me as a web developer is the incredible disconnect between day-to-day development and the shiny, shiny stuff showing up in HTML5 and modern browsers. (…) How bad is it? The next time you read some tech journalist write about how some new browser version is just around the corner and how it’ll make everything better, remember that:

  • 50+% of Windows users are on XP a year after Windows 7 shipped and 3.5 years since Vista shipped
  • Windows XP will be supported until 2014, giving organizations on XP extra breathing room to limp along on IE 6-8
  • There will be no IE 9 for Windows XP
  • After something like 4 years of MSFT urging customers in the strongest possible language to get off of IE 6, it still has 16% of the market, and it’s not falling nearly fast enough. At the current 0.75%/month dropoff, we’re looking at 20+ more months of IE 6.
  • At this rate, kids born today will be walking and maybe even talking by the time we can write IE 6 into the history books.

We need a Plan B.

And you know what? Most of these helpful developers for plan B actually work in the Montreal Google office!

I think it would make a great post on NextMontreal, guys get in touch with Patrick so he can write a bit about this (yeah we know, you have NDAs up the wazoo at Google, but there is a lot of public stuff you can talk about too).

Focus on HTML5 and mobile

I am at Web 2.0 Expo NY Workshops today, focus on HTML5 and mobile for me @ Web 2.0 Expo

This workshop steps you through building an HTML5/CSS3 application that’s free from legacy baggage yet still delivers compelling content everywhere. Read more.


Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps by Jonathan Stark (Jonathan Stark Consulting)

This workshop is for web designers and developers who are interested in creating cross platform mobile apps. A basic familiarity with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be very helpful but is not required. Read more.

This is good food for thought for a few upcoming events in Montréal, Web In (during/after MIGS) and Webcom in November and ConFoo in March 2011.


Joel Spolsky taking it offline (not me)

How Hard Could It Be? By Joel Spolsky: Let’s Take This Offline

I’ve decided that it’s time to retire from blogging. March 17, the 10th anniversary of Joel on Software, will mark my last major post.

Wow. I have been an avid reader for those 10 years. Joel on Software was one of the first tech blogs I could relate to. With Dave Winer’s and Doc Searls’ blog, it’s probably the only (English) blog I still read (in NetNewsWire) from my original blogroll (there’s a bunch of francophone guys from Québec still active).

But for myself, the 10th anniversary of my blog is not an opportunity to stop, au contraire.

I want to write more, share more and listen more.

I will keep hoping around, from pond to pond, to discover new lily pads to ponder techology and society.