Where in the World is Sylvain?

I will be in San Francisco next week and in Paris the week after. If you want to meet and have a drink, ping me, I would love too.

Je serais à San Franciso la semaine prochaine et à Paris la suivante. Si vous êtes un lecteur de mon blogue, faites-moi signe si ça vous dit d’aller prendre un verre, ça me fait toujours plaisir de rencontrer en personnes des connaissances virtuelles.

De plus, si vous avez des gens intéressants à me suggérer à Paris je vais aller m’installer à La Cantine lundi et mardi (26-27 Juillet) pour connecter avec les geeks français de tout acabits.

CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010

So many camps! CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010 — http://cloudcamp-montreal-2010.eventbrite.com /via @NicolasRoberge

CloudCamp is an unconference where attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies. As an informal, member-supported gathering, we rely entirely on volunteers to help with meeting content, speakers, meeting locations, equipment and membership recruitment. We also have corporate sponsors that provide financial assistance with venues, food, drink, software, services and other valuable donations

For schedule and more info, visit: http://www.cloudcamp.org/montreal

Interested in more CloudCamps in Canada? Visit: http://www.cloudcamp.org/canada

Not sure I will be there, but I’m happy this is happening in Montréal.

If you know your stuff, trust your guts!

“Take the well-known example of the Toyota Prius. This hybrid car was not the result of user-centered innovation”

Toyota started to design the Prius in 1994, when user-centered analysis and market data were pulling auto manufacturers in a different direction: toward heavy, gas-guzzling SUVs. The Prius was a proposal — a vision that came from a better understanding of the future evolution of the socio-cultural and economic scenario. Now, more than a decade after it was first launched, people like it, even if they did not ask for it when it was conceived. And thanks to its early start, Toyota is well ahead of its competitors.

Lesson: if you know your stuff, trust your guts.

[via Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Weblog]

Techvibes in search of Montreal Community Manager

A few years ago I would have applied, but now I don’t have any time to write about these camps, startups or investments, I’m busy doing them!

If the answers to these questions were a resounding YES – you may just be the perfect candidate for the Montreal Community Manager position at Techvibes.

There is a definitive need to raise the level of coverage in Montréal, with Montreal Tech Watch in hibernation, we need our local fix! More details in the full post on techvibes.

Free rent at the Candian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley

This could be useful for Montreal Startups bridging the gap with the Valley:

Did you know that you could call the Plug and Play Tech Center home for three months for free?

Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service has established a Canadian Technology Accelerator within the Plug and Play Tech Center providing free services and access to Silicon Valley for Canadian startups. The incubator is open to a limited number of qualified companies AND rent at the facility is fully paid for by the Canadian Consulate for up to three months.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator offers space for one or two employees, for up to six companies at any time as well as an option for a ‘virtual office’. Companies are responsible for living expenses including travel and lodging.

[Via TechVibes]

Co-working in Ottawa

This is Station C‘s sibling, it’s good to see more co-working spaces pop up, I strongly believe they are part of the DNA needed for startup hubs (read also Fred Wilson and Brad Feld on the same subject)

Another community-driven program is TheCodeFactory which was started two years ago by Ian Graham. In a nutshell, it is a co-sharing space hub where entrepreneurs not only meet regularly but also share a common space and resources together. There is a tremendous advantage to this setup as all entrepreneurs feel that they belong to the same community and can support and encourage one another.

TheCodeFactory is not an incubator, so it is not free but the rental rates are extremely affordable and the lease terms are very flexible. Early-stage high-tech companies know how hard it is to convince landlords to rent them space given the high risk nature of their business. So if you are a high-tech entrepreneur working from home I encourage you to give TheCodefactory a serious consideration. Ian is no stranger to high-tech (he was with NewBridge for 15 years before it got bought by Alcatel) and he will understand your needs. By the way he is also courteous.

[Via TechVibes]

Vanilla Forums raises $500K in Series A

It’s interesting to see them as “Montreal-based”, that means my friend John Stokes is doing something right… congrats to the Vanilla crew!

Montreal-based open source communtiy forum Vanilla Forums announced today that they have raised a $500K Series A round led by Montreal Startup, with participation by eonBusiness, Norseman Capital and Klein Venture Partners.

The former TechStars summer 2009 company will use the funds to expand its marketing, development, and sales efforts.

Vanilla co-founder Mark O’Sullivan shares how they went from TechStars to funded in less than six months on their blog today and the entire post is worth a read

[Via TechVibe]