People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)

Here are my slides (with notes) from Ignite Where in San Jose last night.

I must say it was an awesome experience. I give many presentations, but this one, in this format, in front of this crowd, was quite something.

And I got to be quoted by Tim Oreilly on Twitter:

“Places are social containers” Good line from @afrognthevalley at #where20 #ignite last night.


3 thoughts on “People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)

  • 2010/03/31 at 14:48

    Hi Sylvain

    Fantastic post and slideshow. This is a mine of great insights. It reminded me of a conversation with Perry Evans about how bad people are at naming places on 4square (or any other crowdsourced LBS). Part of this is because placenamespaces are messy and part is because, as you say, Tim Toady Bicarbonate. I agree that the answer is not centralisation, but I think more like aggregation, perhaps like SimpleGeo.


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